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- Binocular, and inclined tube with 360º rotation. - Quadruple revolving nosepiece. Rack and pinion for coarse and fine adjustment. - 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm opening adjusted by lever. - Focusing by moving mechanical stage with coaxial coarse and fine controls graduated both
The best selling and inexpensive Centrifuge that you can afford Capacity from 4 - 12 places of 15ml. or 5ml Speed adjustable from 1000 to 4500 rpm Timer activated operation max for 60 minutes CE mark complies with EC electromagnetic compatibility requirement of Provided with a desired testing for t
Microprocessor control with LED digital display and setting Electronic timer up to 9 hours 59 minutes Over heat shutout safety device to 10 C above set point Independently shutout device over failure of microprocessor control Current breaker and O.C. safety device Versatile capacity ranges from